3 Most Anticipated Horror Games of 2018

Recently in online casino, the horror genre has been absolutely thriving, and the continuation of some franchises has gone well for gamers, such as the next part of Resident Evil or the second part of The Evil Within 2. Also, do not forget about indie horror, as developers with small finances promote horrors forward in unexpected and innovative ways. In this article, we have chosen 3 of the most interesting horror stories to be released this year.

Call Of Cthulhu

This version of Call of Cthulhu combines elements of psychological horror, role-play and investigation with the study of locations. The protagonist is trying to find out the causes of the death of a famous artist and her family on a mysterious island.

In the game, you are Edward Pearce, a veteran of the war who became a private detective in Boston in the 1920s. You are hired to investigate the tragic death of Sarah Hawkins and her family on the island of Darkwater. Soon the investigation leads you to the limits of reality and illusion, where paranormal things begin to happen, but perhaps it is only a figment of your imagination.

call of cthulhu horror game


Vampyr is a role-playing game about vampires, whose action unfolds after the First World War. The main role in the game is given to former military doctor Jonathan Reid. After returning from the front, strolling through the gloomy streets of London, he becomes a victim of a vampire and turns himself into a dangerous predator. Nevertheless, he keeps his sanity and tries to create a cure for the raging Spanish influenza, without becoming a monster himself.

vampyr role playing game

State Of Decay 2

The theme of the zombie apocalypse has repeatedly figured in the games and many even managed to get bored. State of Decay was able to breathe new life into this style, because instead of shredding crowds of living dead, the game offered to try to survive in a world doomed to death, and even to play for a common man without supernormal abilities.

The continuation guarantees players an expanded open world, new elements of pumping, even more opportunities for crafting and a variety of opportunities to interact with enemies and other survivors. Beginning to build a new civilization on the ruins of the old one will be possible in 2018.

We hope that our material dedicated to the best horror games of 2018 will help you during shopping. It seems like it will be very saturated. Probably, in 2018, there will be many more interesting game projects not included in this list, but, perhaps, it’s time to stop.

state of decay 2 game

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