TOP-5 Best WoW Players Ever

Every day millions of players come into World of Warcraft, dress in the best outfit, get various achievements, vehicles, pets, perform thousands of interesting quest chains. Many of them play in WoW, not for a month or even more a year, but few people know the same rank-and-file conquerors of the Military Craft that have gained popularity and have become truly the best. For someone, maybe it will not be a novelty, but we’ll tell you the stories of these people and their characters.

So let’s start, the first place in our rating is taken by Leeroy

First Place

#1. Leeroy Jenkins is a character from World of Warcraft, created and run by player Ben Schulz. He became famous throughout the world due to a video recording presented his comical deed during the passage of the dungeon “Black Mountain Peak (Top)”, which caused the death of his entire raid. By March 2009, the video was viewed 10 million times, by the beginning of 2012 the number of views was more than 25 million. And for June 2014 there were already 39.7 million. Thanks to him, the achievement Leeroy was in the game.

Second Place

# 2. Swifty, who is also John Pyle. The legendary player of World of Warcraft became famous for his no less legendary video “Incredible Warrior Tricks” that came out at the end of the Classic WoW. At the moment it is one of the most famous players of Razer, its 24-hour stream enjoys great success, and Swifty has a lot of admirers and imitators. Alongside with WoW, John is fond of extreme sports and even lost his little finger on his left hand in one of them in 2008.

Third Place

# 3. Reckful. The real name of this most distinguished robber is Byron Bernstein. He participated in a huge number of tournaments on WoTLK, such as MLG, ESL, BlizzCon and others. He has six top-1 ranks in the most prestigious brace. But the greatest fame came to him when he was the only representative of this class, and took 3000 points rating and earned the title of Gladiator in the 9th season of the arena. At the same time, he was shooting the best moments on the video and putting it on the network. Already in the first weeks, the video gained 600.000 hits, which made Byron even more famous. At the moment, he left the game because of the birth of his daughter.

Fourth Place

#4. The fourth is a Korean player – Kim Choi Hansol, better known in WoW as Hansol The Pyromaniac. He is one of the most successful mages in the game, the only one who held the first place in the arena rating for 2 seasons in a row, and in the 14th season became 1 and the best mage in North America. Unlike the rest, Hansol plays in the specialization “Fire” which is rather strange for the PvP magician. However, this is what made him even more glorious. At the moment he is a member of the game company Razer and lives in Canada.

Fifth Place

# 5. Bajheera is a truly brutal and in all military traditions fierce warrior’s name, Jackson Blyton. At the moment he lives in Australia.

Jackson became known after the 11th season of the arena when he decided to post his game on the channel Twitch first. As he himself said in many interviews, “I was very afraid that people would laugh at me and therefore could not decide for a long time to shoot.” But! On the contrary, spectators fell in love with this bearded man, who commented on his gameplay very harshly. This became his brand in future. So a couple of years ago, he was a member of the game company Razer, at this time his position in this area is unknown.

Of course, there are still a lot of people who play World of Warcraft and who have contributed to the game itself and its history, but these are perhaps the most outstanding of them. We hope you learned something new for yourself and interesting about the same ordinary people who used to live in Azeroth, and if you have already known them, this is your chance to refresh your knowledge.

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