5 Card Games That Increase Your Intelligence

What can be better than playing novoline cards with friends? It is a great time spending for people of all ages, but did you know that card games help to sharpen your mind? They are usually associated with a challenge; they help to improve memory, concentration, logical thinking and help to train your brain. More than that, cards help to relax and to spend a pleasant evening with a great number of benefits.

5 card games that increase intelligence

There is an opinion that playing card games are an activity that keeps mind young. It is especially great for older people. It is a well-known fact that the older we get, the fewer parts of our brain we start using. People, who are busy in various activities that include a lot of thinking, age slower than their contemporaries.

If you always wanted to try playing card games, then choose one from the following list. It will help not only to get a lot of positive emotions but will make you more intelligent.


Poker is one of the most popular card games. It is played all over the world. This game helps to develop logical thinking and concentration. Poker makes people think more logical and teaches not to rely on emotions. Players learn to guess the next move of an opponent. This card game also helps to develop concentration, teaches to make right decisions. Concentration is one of the main keys to success in poker. If you don’t have a poker face, then you are likely to lose a game.


One more popular card game that will make you smarter is Hearts. It is possible to play it in a company of friends or online. There are a lot of sites that propose playing this card game for free. Hearts is a perfect game for four people. The main aim of a game is to have the least points in the end. Card Game Hearts helps to train logical thinking, memory, teaches to be more concentrated and attentive.


Probably, there is no person who has never tried playing Solitaire. It is a quite simple card game for one person. A player has to resort mixed cards into four piles. Solitaire is great for training visual memory and concentration.


Blackjack is a really popular card game that can be found in various online casinos. It is really good for our brain. It helps to develop short-term memory and logical thinking. Try some of Blackjack games and you will definitely have a lot of fun and benefit from playing it.

Go fish

Go fish game is one more great choice for those, who want to become more intelligent. It is usually played by two or five players. This game helps to increase memory and sense of timing.

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