Tricks with Cards: What is a Secret?

For sure, many are amazed by the incredible performances of famous illusionists who are able to make certain objects disappear, fly balls or other elements in the air, appear objects from nowhere or showing tricks with cards. This is not an easy job with the illusion of perceiving the objects’ wondering by people.

All of us dream to learn tricks with cards, coins, matches, cigarettes and other elements. But surely, tricks with cards are the easiest to master, so let’s look at them closer.

If there is too little magic in your life, then after reading the material below, you can independently create the most extraordinary miracles, surprising and pleasing your audience.

How to Learn Easy Tricks?

If you dream to learn how to show tricks, the most important thing is to understand the fact that this is not just an ordinary skill or sleight of hand. Showing tricks, even the easiest, is a real art. Each separate focus involves two sides: the obvious, which viewers see and the secret, which can only be guessed. When you finally learn how to show tricks so that the secret side is not visible, convincing even the most sceptical viewer that you are creating the most real magic, only then you will be able to comprehend this art.

How to Learn to Do Tricks

card gamer show tricks

It is necessary to start gradually and with the simplest. You can read a couple of books, where everything is described as much as possible. To train one trick, you need to spend a certain amount of time. It is desirable to conduct the training in front of the mirror and bring it to such a point that the trick turns out on its own, without thinking about each individual step. Try to add artistry, because you are the creator of real magic.

Simple Tricks with Cards for Entertainment in the Company

The ability to show tricks is always useful for a good company, and for the performance of card tricks, you do not need any additional items and, often, special skills. Very simple tricks with cards, presented below, belong to the simplest ones, but still, they are rather surprising for the spectators.

  • Find a card

First, ask one of the surrounding people to choose any card, remember and put it on top of the deck so that you do not see what kind of card it is. After that, remove the deck and place its lower part on the top. Then lay out the cards with the pictures up, and just indicate the card that the person chose.

The secret of this simple focus with cards is the following: before starting it, you should look at the bottom card in the used deck and, of course, remember it. When you decompose the deck, the card selected by the person will be just before the one you remembered and you just have to specify it.

  • Select four Aces from the deck, without opening the cards

Tell others that you can easily choose four Aces from the deck, without looking at the card pictures. Let anyone who wants a name you a number between 10 and 20.

After that, count from the deck the number of cards equal to this number and put them aside in a pile. Add together the figure of this number (for example, 14 = 1 + 4) and remove the number of cards on top of the stacked pile equal to this figure. They can be removed back into the deck. Then put the top card of the remaining in the stack aside, and return the rest to the deck.
Ask to name the number from 10 to 20 again and, having done the above manipulations with the deck, put aside one more card. All this procedure must be done four times, after that you have four cards deferred. Opening them, you will demonstrate to others that these are aces.

The secret of this focus with maps is very simple. It is necessary to put the aces in the deck in advance on the 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th places and does not mix the cards until the trick begins. Then everything will turn out as described above.

  • Kings and Ladies

The very trick is: choose Kings and Queens from the deck and divide them into two separate piles – Kings in one pile, Queens in another. Combine them into one deck, give the deck several times to remove, remove it from your back, and then take two cards from the deck. They are the King and the Queen of the same suit.

The secret of this simple trick with cards is that when you stack kings and ladies in piles, the sequence of their suits is the same. Behind the back divide, the deck into two parts of four cards and then the top cards of each part will be the King and the Queen of the same suit.

Finally, we want to note three important rules that every magician must necessarily know: never tell the secret of the trick; each separate trick is rehearsed very carefully so that it is performed automatically; do say what will happen in the next moment. All these rules are the real code of every professional magician. Only strictly observing them, you can achieve the desired effect, remaining for the viewer a true magician.

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